Process Mining 101 – All You Need to Know

DCR Solutions offers a unique solution supporting declarative process ming.

Process mining can be done using a classical XES log, but a simpler an more easy to user format, dcr xml log, is recommended. They aloso offers an online tool that can convert the dcr xml log into a classical xes log.

Using DCR Path History you can visualize how the work is done, but unlike common process mining tools that simply shows all the paths taken DCR Path History use the DCR process model to calculate the state of each location leading to much simpler models.

DCR Path History consist of three main mining capabilities:

  1. Path History – visualize the paths taken in the log
  2. Process Intelligence – analyze and visualize the different paths taken
  3. Process Animation – animate the paths taken in time

Process mining also includes an advanced application, DCR Process Discovery, that given a process log can find and create process models.

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